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This years competition/ exhibition has gone massive!! It will be held across two separate venues from 25th August to Second of September 2018. The smaller indoor works will be showcased in Batemans Bay's CBD, and the the large outdoor works will be exhibited at entrepreneur Terry Snow's Willinga Park. (see above web-links for extra details)


Following my personal success from last years event, I was interviewed about the event and this years exciting changes. Here is what I had to say:

When I heard the outdoor sculpture event was moving to Willinga Park I was immediately excited.  I personally think to have an entrepreneur the likes of Terry Snow (The owner of Willinga Park) as a major supporter of the event is about as exciting an opportunity artists can hope for.

While holding the event at two separate venues may seem a disadvantage to artists in obvious ways such as setting up and dismantling their artworks, I can only see the advantages far outweighing this small hurdle.

For starters the event now brings the publics prosperity and attention to two beautiful areas instead of one, and notably draws the public to not only view the artworks on display at Willinga park, but also to get the opportunity to view the $100 million estate for the marvel that it is.

Showcasing art alongside some of Terry’s personal extensive collection (I’ve heard its worth around $50 million!)  is another advantage for both the public and artists. To say the least, exhibitions/competitions of this calibre are rare and exciting opportunity to be a part of.

I am entering multiple indoor and outdoor works for the competition this year of which the major prize has increased to a whopping $50,000, making it one of the largest prizes in sculpture competitions in Australia. The prize is acquisitive, and the winning work will be permanently installed as part of a sculpture walk along the Clyde River in Batemans Bay. David Maclachlan of the Chamber of Business and Tourism in Batemans Bay was the brains behind the sculpture walk, and chose my piece “Buoyansea” to kick start the idea, personally investing money for it to become a reality. He is a generous, clever and kind man the town is lucky to have. The now permanent position of my work is second to none. Situated on Beach Rd, I am told “He is never alone” (the artwork), enjoyed by the public every day of the week. Of all my public artworks, this one gets the most attention. I’m over the moon about it. A big thanks again to David and his team for their vision!

The Competition is also supported by the ANU who offer a residency as one of the prizes, which, for artists, is another exciting opportunity to broaden their horizons and learn new techniques.

A few hints at what I’m entering this year include a life sized horse balancing on one leg sniffing a flower, A huge pelican head with a crab holding its beak shut and some bronze works I created during a residency I did last year at the ANU.

Can’t wait to see you at the event! Don’t Miss it! 


"Buoyansea"  Jesse Graham, Public work, Beach rd , Batemans Bay, 2017.


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