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Completed in 2008, this set of four figures was an exhibition I had at “Carriageworks”, in Sydney, Australia. They are the largest and most enduring body of work I have ever completed. It took around eight years (on and off) to complete.


“Selket” - scorpion goddess- steel wire, constructed piece by piece. Size (m): (h) 2.5, (w) 1.9, (d)

“Hathor” - cow goddess- polymer resin and copper sheet over a steel armature. Size (m): (h) 2, (w) 0.9, (d) 0.9.

“Sekhmet” - lioness goddess- steel wire and plate, welded over entirely then ground repeatedly and then polished. Rather exhausting! Size (m): (h) 2, (w) 1.6, (d) 0.6.

“Anubis” - jackal god- steel wire, constructed piece by piece, spoons, brass, stone, and timber. Size (m): (h) 1.5, (w) 1.5, (d) 0.9.

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