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I learnt printmaking when I was very young from my mother Jackie Gorring /Graham who is a very successful Australian Printmaker/ Artist. She has works in the collections of The Parliament house and The National gallery of Australia to name a few. Basically, she has a CV that should make other artists jealous! That's one of her prints on the right. She often uses a unique method to create her prints that she invented, which is a Styrofoam blockage technique. 

Like lino or woodblock printing methods, first an image is drawn then carved into a block/plate (in this case styrofoam). Next  ink is rolled on then paper is pressed/rubbed on to show the positive image. If more than one colour is desired, the block must then be reworked, then next colour applied and then realigned and printed over the first colour and so on. Its quite a laborious process. Usually depending on size and complexity editions  range from 4 to 20. Generally if a work has multiple colours, it means the printing block is no longer viable for second editions.

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